Can't Figure Out Why Your Calves Won’t Grow? Then Discover the

"Amazing Secrets Of A Skinny Ballerina That Will Add Up To 2 Inches Of Ripped To Shreds Muscle Mass Onto Your Stubborn To Grow Calves In Just 12 Weeks GUARANTEED …Or It Is FREE!”…

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It is so easy- you’ll be laughing when you try these simple and ingenious calf building secrets and when you see and feel your stubborn-to-grow calves mushrooming out of control with mammoth sized growth right before your very own eyes. This ingenious hidden breakthrough calf training system reveals a simple yet super fast way to instantly “trick” your calves to grow faster than they intuitively want to grow...Discover the 5 secrets used by ballerinas for mammoth sized growth and you will you be able to tap the hidden payload of strength and sizzling growth you have been ignoring in your monster calves your entire bodybuilding career. But hey don’t believe me …because you can check it out for FREE(if you so choose) and decide yourself….

Best part: the monster calf growing secrets I want to reveal to you has nothing to do with the amount of weights used, sets used, the reps used, in fact, it is far simpler than that and yet it has not been revealed or used by bodybuilders-until now. It is truly amazing and unheard off and yet so powerful when used (in just 3-4 weeks) it is guaranteed to  unleash Explosive Calf Growth. Turning match stick calves into full blown diamond flared COWS

So if you would like to add inches to your stubborn to grow calves...get rid of that match stick LEG look and build full diamond shaped, cobra flared type calves, then this will be the most important message you ever read:

Dear friend,

My name is Rob Maraby and until recently I was just like most bodybuilders-I had no calves…don’t get me wrong I had (have) a big chest, (52 inches) a pair of massive “howitzer” arms (19.2inches), big thighs 28.84 inches, boulders for shoulders and lats wide enough to make me look like a flared up cobra…but my skinny calves just killed it all…I mean I had no calves…after 15 years of training I had gained only 2 inches on my calves…. I mean my calves measured a paltry 16 inches…that was bad…bad enough to force me to wear trousers and pants in the scalding heat, at the beach or at the pool.

I was utterly embarrassed of my calves because despite training them hard like a dog they still resembled match sticks…and I looked like a stick man in the lower leg region. 

Does this drive you crazy? Are you too suffering from stubborn-to-grow-calves? Have you tried everything in a desperate attempt to beef up those calves without much success? …I mean you try every routine in those muscle magazines and what do you get for all that effort, pain and time? Absolutely Nothing!

And it gets worse , because each time you open a magazine …one “expert” will say use high reps to build your calves, another will say use low reps for massive calf growth and the other will say use both high reps and low reps for massive calves but in the end you have nothing to show for it! Absolutely Nothing! …Zilch...Nadda...Nothing.

For me, this drove me the point where I decided that if I did not start making MASSIVE and visible calf gains within a month, I was going to quit training my calves altogether …I thought why suffer to no avail?

But then fortunately…a week later whiles watching my little daughter practice ballet I run into a professional ballerina and dancer by the name of Mrs. Stoviac and what I was about to learn from her would transform my skinny and stubborn-to-grow calves into mammoth sized cows… literally overnight...! In a few short weeks using Mrs. Stoviac's advanced calf building techniques!

Ø      I Gained 2 inches of solid ripped to shreds muscle mass on my calves in just 10 (compared to gaining 2 inches in my last 15 years of training calves)…my calves now measure  a solid ripped 18 inches of rock-hard muscle mass…

Ø      I broke the threshold that limits the growth of my calves and I infused my body with so much testosterone, my calves exploded with new muscle size and astounding strength

Ø      I saw a 200 % jump is strength in a short 8 week period...before I discovered this system, I could lift below my bodyweight, and now I was using triple my bodyweight on the standing calf raise!(and I did not even have to break a sweat)

Ø      I developed mind-boggling flexibility in my calves, I no longer felt stiff or sore after a workout and the “skin bursting pumps” I was getting after each set was mind tingling to say the least… and best part after years of unsuccessfully trying to beef up the size of my calves …in just 10 weeks …

“My Stubborn To Grow Calves Were Taking On A Shape And Density I Never Thought Was Possible!”

and It just gets better and better with each and every passing workout! I now love training calves! Absolutely love it…. I love the way my calves are transforming right before my very own eyes… and now 10 weeks later… I am convinced that I no longer have

Weak And Stubborn-To Grow-Calves

and that by using these simple secrets (which I will soon reveal to you!) I have finally …

“Flicked On The Switch To Uninterrupted Calf Growth…

It was like I had unlocked and touched some deep underlying muscle fibers that I had ignored before (using a conventional calf building routine). It was almost MAGICAL.

BUT it is not magic at all! You see what I learned from Mrs. Stoviac has nothing to do with my genes (I have lousy genes AND VERY HIGH CALVES ), or drugs (I don’t know what they look like) or even using special equipment (I had only basic stuff –a barbell and dumbbells)…and it has everything to do with the 5 amazing calf building secrets of ballerinas that I learnt from Mrs. Stoviac. I call it the  “Massive Calves program”…

You see, Mrs. Stovaic... is a Russian living in
Canada, she is from the former Soviet Union and is the winner of countless awards for best dancer in Russia, Canada and even in California.

 Mrs. Stoviac is not a bodybuilder, she is a ballerina with 20 years experience of dancing, she is literally obsessed with the art and science of dancing and she literally trains 4-5 hours a day –every day for it, and she has been doing so for the last 20 years!

“That My Friend, Is Over 30,000 Hours Of Practice Time…”

 …and that is dedication!

But there was one underlying feature she had that really got my attention...“Her calves”...they were massive, well developed and nice to look at!

…I mean she had a slender body, broad shoulders, a long neck and the most well developed calves i had ever laid eyes upon…Here calves were beautiful -she had everything from a bulging gastonemius muscle to a diamond shaped soleus muscle…calves so massive it made the rest of her body look as thin as a pole ….

I immediately wanted to find how she got them so big and then after much begging and pleas she FINALLY gave in and told me her secrets…

Discover for FREE the 7 secrets you need to achieve explosive muscle growth. Click here to get your FREE report!

“And My Jaws Just Dropped To The Ground”

I kick my self in the head for not thinking of this earlier, for in all my years in the bodybuilding field...I could not believe it, this stuff was 180 degrees different than anything I have ever read or studied or tried before...and man oh man, let me tell you when it comes to making serious muscular gains …

“ …This Massive Calves Growth System Blows All Other Calf Training Routines “Dead Out Of The Water”…

Why? Apparently we…you, me, the Olympians and professionals, the exerts and yes even the “self acclaimed experts” that populate the magazines have it…

“All Wrong”

At Least When It Comes To Developing A Pair Of Head-Turning Calves…


You see the reason why your calves can’t grow comes from the scientific fact that the calves have a built in threshold that prevents them from growing! That’s right! You see! Your calves carry you all day long…to them it is like lifting triple your bodyweight for thousands of repetitions a day…without a complaint …so any routine or stress that is placed on your calves which does not surpass this threshold does not get a growth response from the calves…and because they are designed to be used all day they have a built in defense mechanisms that make the threshold harder to break!

…and guess what?  the harder and heavier you train them, the higher the threshold becomes…so training with heavy weights won’t do it! Lightweights and high reps won’t do it either, neither will negatives, forced reps, and super sets…all that stuff is unnecessary and painful! And these high intensity techniques and routines (that you find in muscle magazine and on the net)don’t even scratch the surface of growth potential that lies dormant within your calves!

But Mrs. Stoviac calf secrets break through this threshold like a rock blasting through a paper thin all…the scary part is that the actual secrets she taught me don’t…

Even Require The Use Of Weights!

 That is right! They use no weights and yet they have the uncanny ability to literally unleash hidden muscle growth within your calves…giving you an almost instantaneous boost in calf size and strength!!

How? Well ballerinas use special biomechanical movements and techniques that place “muscle growth” stress on the calves that exceed the normal threshold and defense mechanisms of the calves. Furthermore they use special “weightless” techniques that loosen the tissue between the calf muscles allowing your calves more space and potential to grow (it is like getting extra cells to grow bigger calves)!

All these techniques open the flood gates of growth in your calves…

”Turning Your Once “Résistance To Grow ” Calves Into Massive Pots Of Growth…”

After using these simple “hidden” secrets…building up your calves becomes easy…and the path to developing mammoth sized calves is as straight as you can point your finger…

But what does this all mean to you?…Plenty

1.      First you will know how to single handily “coax” your stubborn to grow calves to grow, you will know how to blast through the threshold…(allowing you to make breathtaking transformation in the size and shape of your calves…so finally you can say “good bye” to match stick legs, say good bye to sore calves and unproductive workouts!)

2.      Because you are safely loosening the tissue between the calf muscles you are allowing the calves more potential to grow…it is like “planting new “seeds of growth” right into your calf muscles…which automatically boosts the genetic potential in your calves allowing you to add more mass on your calves virtually OVERNIGHT! ”

3.      You get extra flexibility in your calves that will drive any circus contortionist mad with envy…(this means deeper calf stretches an greater range of motion, without injury or tears allowing you to develop your calves to a level no one else can hope to match…so, if you play sports you can forget about ankle Injuries because these secrets will make you limber and flexible like a plastic doe doll!)

4.      By tapping directly into the central nervous system with these 5 ballerina secrets you unleash unprecedented strength and size gains virtually overnight!(say good bye to “trail and error workouts that just don’t deliver results”)

5.      Blast away soreness and say good bye to stiff aching calves-even after you work them…(you will discover secret number 4 that actually increases blood flow to your calves, allowing quick muscle recovery and an explosive growth spurt in your calf muscles…)

Almost overnight you are going to feel you calves come alive, you will notice a hardness and a “permanent pump feel” as your “newly expanded calf” muscles engorge itself with growth producing anabolic blood…all of a sudden your stubborn to grow calves will grow as fast as a speeding bullet…without guess work, with minimal resistance and absolutely no “trial and error” workouts…(finally you will be able to develop calves you can proudly display at the gym, at the beach and be the center of attention of all the hot ladies)

I can hear what you are saying-you say  “will it work for me?” You want real proof …then I invite you to take a walk down to the library or better yet surf the net...and check out pictures of ballerinas...notice how they all without exception have proportionately big calves…. even those who are pole thin have calves that are seemingly too big for their bodies…but without exception -ALL OF THEM HAVE BIG WELL DEVELOPED CALVES…. And you too can have diamond shaped calves if you wish…But only if you use their massive calf building secrets!


Don’t expect to learn this from any ballerina…because chances are most don’t even know what these secrets are –sure, they used them on a daily basis when they are at practice but they have no “conscious” idea what these secrets are and exactly how they work to cause explosive growth within your calf muscles…unless of course they have an advanced degree in exercise physiology like Mrs. Stoviac does(very unlikely and rare at best)…(in which case you will know the exact steps you need to take to “mushroom your calves to Godzilla sized proportions”)

These calf growth secrets are there but hidden to the untrained eye…in fact 4 out of 5 of these secrets are never used on stage when ballerinas dance! You have to know what you are looking for to spot these secrets and fortunately for you…I have done that for you with the help of Mrs. Stoviac

Mrs. Stovaic got  all these secrets down as a science…with her advanced degree in exercise physiology and her 20 years of dance experience. I literally begged here to write down the secrets of massive calf development all down on paper …I had to have this information…such a breakthrough IN MUSCLE GROWTH TECNOLOGY does not come around every day and I wanted to be the first to offer this stuff to serious athletes like you.

Mrs. Stovaic’s secrets of  massive calf development  will not only instantly build you calves but they will also eliminate soreness, pain and potential injury,(the main aim of strength training as far as dancers are concerned is injury)

Also because ballerinas train for functional strength..(And not for size).you too will get functional strength allowing you to jump higher (if you play basketball), run faster (if you sprint), kicker harder(for football , martial arts and soccer) and look spectacular with a well developed diamond shaped calf (they will stand out like a 3 carat diamond ring ) finally you ca take your pants off at the beach and proudly display mesmerizing calves that is sure to get the ladies attention!!!

But there is so much more these “ballerina calf building secrets ” will do for you! such as :

1.       Unleash the “hidden” growth potential than lies dormant within your calves even as you read this letter ( yes even if you have match stick type legs) …and it does not matter even  if you have trained calves for the past 10 years and still have nothing to show  for it …. use these 5  massive growth secrets and BOOM! …Your calves will grow as fast as a wild fire in a dry brush…it is automatic and it is instant…and there is no absolutely no way to fail with this system

2.      Discover a fail-proof way to boosting the size and strength of your calves (say good bye to painful “trial and error” workouts-you will blast them away)

3. Build Herculean strength…I have seen people lift up to 300% more weight in just A few weeks on this program…it works like clockwork...because you are “precision targeting” every muscle in the calves…so your calves will grow as fast as a rocket blasting through empty frictionless space …no guess work here…(just instant strength, imagine how your buddies will stare at you as you out lift them 300 % or more on any calf exercise of your choice.)

4. And because everything is precision engineered right to the very last rep! All you need is 10-20 minutes to use this system!  In just 10 minutes you will get up to 275% more growth than using a conventional calf routine- which  means you will have ample time to socialize and display your prize winning m attention grabbing calves…even as your calves grow week by week!

In just 45 minutes you will learn the 5 secrets to astounding calf growth that is guaranteed to balloon your skinny calves to gigantic proportions…but there is more because you will discover the following secrets:

1.      Secret # 1 How to get that right “twitch” that unleashes extra growth onto your calves (it is as simple as ABC) “Mammoth Sized Calves Will Be Yours In No Time”

2.      Secret #2. How to deliver reoccurring stress to your calf muscles that will get them to sprout out like tulips in spring…this secret is what virtually guarantees sudden massive growth.

3.      Secret #3 How To deliver peak overload to your calf muscles for an extended period of time…this low intensity training keeps the tension in the calves muscles up, forces it to grow and to remain big for as long as you want…all without the unnecessary forced reps , and other high intensity nonsense that just overtrains your calf muscles!

4.      Secret # 4 How to Use low intensity non-weight exercises between sets to break the threshold and release instant growth!

5.      And finally the biggest secrets of them all…


“How To Use The Right Balance Of Tension, Overload And Density That Will Get Your Calves To Grow Like Clock Work-There Is No Guesswork Or Trial And Error Involved?(All You Have To Do Is Just Follow The Simple Step-By-Step Plan For Awesome Calf Growth)” 

It is really that simple…extraordinary but simple! It is not as painful as a conventional calf program, nor is there much soreness after the first few workouts! -This calf building system allows your calf muscles to be flexible and constantly engorged with blood (so painful soreness is a thing of the past)…in fact these 5 secrets are so powerful and boost muscle recovery so quickly you can train your calves twice to three times a day (if you wish) and still make exceptional growth!

Sounds exceptional but it is true!  It should not be this easy but it is! Let me tell you, After training calves for 15 years without success I can tell you first hand that this system and the growth effects it has on your calves must be tried and tested to be believed…it’s so powerful and guaranteed to build massive looking calves for you in the absolute minimum time (12 weeks) that you can …

“ Out Bet Everyone At Your Gym And Take Their Money And Shirt To The Bank…”

…Listen,  the growth producing capacity of this calf system it is so powerful and so certain… you can safely make a money bet with any one of your gym buddies (or even guys on juice at your gym) that you will put on at least 1 inch of solid ripped to shreds mass on your calves in just 12 weeks ! And get this –YOU WILL walk out in 12 weeks with his/her money in your pocket -Guaranteed!

Take it from a hard gaining guy who had high calves and very little calf development (before using this breakthrough system)..

But there is more that you will discover in this powerful massive growth calf building program, such as

1.      Discover the right calf exercises to use at your gym…it is not standing calf raises…( the answer will shock you and yet you will be delighted when you see how fast your calves grow with these calf building exercises!)

2.      Free sex for life to get it 

3.      Why having poor genes is good news to you and the exact step-by-step techniques that will get your skinny lousy calves to grow into full-blown cows 

4.      Discover the best speed tempo needed for your calf training, it is not slow motion training, nor is it ballistic training!…(the answer to this question will give you massive hard calves with half the effort and half the time you normally spend with your current calf routine!) 

5.      The two most important elements that will force your calves to grow without let up! These “high tension” and “fatigue” principles literally “coax” your calves to burst through their “no growth” threshold with raw new dense muscle mass! (Training calves becomes easy once you use this systematic 2 step principle in your calf training.) 

6.      The simple “everyday use” technique that gets your calves begging to grow…it takes virtually zero effort to implement, plus it is painless and it jolts those hard to grow calf muscles into sudden and explosive growth…(you will not believe how fast your calves can grow with this simple “no-effort” easy to use …you can even use it at the office without anyone knowing!) 

7.      How and when to train your leg muscles to help your calves to grow, most people don’t know this but training your legs and calves in the right sequence will get your calves to grow like wild fire in a dry brush! (Experience an automatic 7% increase in calf size just by using this “often ignored” leg exercise) 

8.      How to develop “push button motivation” and “drive” that will allow you to blast through the toughest calf sets …with easy and lightning speed…discover how to summon and use all the natural adrenaline and power at command …all with a simple flick of your eye. (You can generate up too 200% more strength instantly with this technique and be the strongest person at your gym!) 

9.      How women can use the secret of ballerinas to build beautiful, well shaped calves that will be sure to draw any man to look, stare, admire and then salivate in anticipation! (Building sexy hard calves is easy with this systematic calf building plan!) 

10.  Why high intensity shock training principles as recommended in muscle magazines will actually get your calves to NOT grow! Too much intensity will have your calves hitting a plateau (shutting down to the possibility of growth), plus it will leave you with soreness and possible the exact intensity needed to get your calves growing without ever overtraining…this means your calves will grow and grow as big as you want them (get them big as asteroids).


11.  How to use the “right” amount of partial repetitions  to achieve a burst of new muscle growth in your calves…(you wont believe the almost instant “massive” calf results you will achieve with this technique) 

12.  How to use the revolutionary permanence training, that will etch deep into the Central Nervous System (CNS) of the body and calves (The CNS  is the mechanism that give the calves “permission to grow”) unleashing bucket loads of new sizzling calf size and strength…) 

13.  Discover how to tap directly into the “hidden and unused” muscle fibers that remain dormant in your calves …and which when activated will lead to a volcanic style explosion in muscle growth! ( all conventional calf training programs don’t even begin to tap the massive payload of growth that lies dormant within your calves-this massive calf system is guaranteed to get all your calf muscles growing like wild weeds in spring) 

14.  Discover the best calf exercise...this exercise alone can slam an easy 2 inches on your calves in just a few short months-if used consistently…it is not standing calf raises or seated calf raises…yet it is so simple you don’t even have to go to a gym to make use of it…(yet it packs slabs of  dense ripped muscle mass onto your calves like it is going out of fashion) 

15.  How to use a simple “step-up calf stretching technique” that will give your calves “more room” to grow. This “non-weight” calf growing technique literally breaks down any resistance to growth that the calves may have …so they will grow like mushrooms on super potent soil! (You will never say you have “lousy calf genes” after a week of using this breakthrough technique) 

16.  A simple stretching movement that is so simple to implement that even your grandma could use it without pain (and yet it INSTANTLY delivers an astounding 20% increase in strength!) 

17.  Discover the correct order of exercises when training the gastrocnemius and the soleus muscle –the wrong order will kill your gains dead in the water and the right order will instantly increase your mass gains by 23.7% without any additional effort! (you will be maximizing calf growth whiles slashing the time you spend training your calves) 

18.  The single most powerful calf exercise known to man-its what your calves were naturally designed to do, but most bodybuilders don’t even know this exercise exist (yet it is so powerful and precise It will build both the soleus muscle and the gastrocnemius muscle at the same time…adding on raw new sizzling size onto your calves virtually overnight) 

19.  How to instantly shut down your calves resistance to grow, using a simple calf exercise technique…(a technique so simple and so powerful to use …in just 12 weeks of using it, you will have your buddies pointing to your huge calves and calling “calf implants”)

Listen I could fill 10 pages just listing the benefits of this program, but I am sure you get the point of how effective and revolutionary this system is…

I put all these 5 ballerina secrets (with the help of Mrs. Stovaic) on paper and called it the Massive Calves Program and right now as you read this letter, bodybuilders all around the country are using these secrets to beef up the size of their calves …

Now get this! The manual is written in simple and concise much so, even a 7 year old child could read it all and follow it in to the “T” in as little as 45 minutes…

And There is nothing to figure out, when you get this manual all you need to do is read it and follow the step-by-step, day-by-day routine! There is absolutely nothing to figure out! In addition, it comes fully illustrated as well…so anyone (even a raw 90lb beginner) can use it to build big massive calves NOW!!!

Here is how it will unfold for you:

The very first week you get this system you are going to cry in happiness because the first few days you use this system, you are going to see your calves take on new form, you will engorge every cell in your calves with growth producing blood and your calves are going to feel fuller, thicker and bigger …a few weeks down the road, you would have gained an easy 1-2 inches of ripped to shreds muscle mass on your calves…you will no longer have pole thin calves, you will have visible shape and size…soreness will be a thing of the past…as you “add new potential for growth” to your once skinny calves...allowing for super fast muscle growth

After 8-12 weeks on this Massive Calves program you are going to love training calves(it will become your show body part)…because you will love the way they look and feel as your gym pals creep up to you and watch your transformed calves in utter amazement… I guarantee your jaw is going to drop after just 8 weeks because just 8 weeks down the road you’ll have more flexibility in your calves than a professional contortionist…and you will have enough strength to lift 200-300 % more weights with a hitch…but best part is 12 weeks down the road…. you will no longer have match stick legs …rather you will have …

…Large COWS For Calves!

The cost of this breakthrough calf building system is just $69.99…but you don’t risk a penny when you “test-drive” this system…why not? Well because I am giving you an ultra generous

100% Money Back GUARANTEE for One Full Year!

Just order the massive calves program …check it out first hand.see how big your calves get and watch how people comment on your new diamond shaped calves…. and take a full year to see how powerful this massive calves program is. If you don’t get the results I speak off, just send the manual back and you will get a courteous and prompt refund of every penny of the purchase price. No hassles, no questions asked! No hard feelings …we will part as friends…

…You just have to give this system a shot! Think about it...until now training calves has been a trial and error issue…it has been painful, hard and unproductive…now finally you have a FAIL-PROOF way to use a NEW AND UNCONVENTIONAL WAY to breath new muscle growth into your stubborn to grow calves-Literally overnight! And you risk nothing because either it works for you or you get every penny of your investment back…

“This Is An Opportunity To Finally Get The Huge, Well-Developed Calves You Deserve”

HAVING BIG CALVES IS LIKE having a rare blue 12-carat diamond RING that you can proudly show off to the world…because SO VERY few people have them! (And almost no one knows how to develop them-even the “self-acclaimed experts and professionals” HAVE’NT GOT a real clue how to do it!)

A great set of calves is bound to garner attention…and women truly dig a recent cosmopolitan survey done in Britain...women were asked to judge the best looking physiques among sports players...they voted soccer players as the athletes with the most  DESIRABLE  bodies…when asked why?  They mentioned it was because of their phenomenal leg development…apparently chicks dig a great set of wheels…and that included the calves…(BIG WELL DEVLOPED CALVES could very well get the ladies to salivate over you like wild dogs hungry for food…)

Remember big calves are the foundation of your body. Just like you won’t find a giant oak tree with a tiny tree trunk base…you legs form the foundation of your body…without big calves you will look like a kite. The kite shape look that a lot of bodybuilders share is an embracement-it just kills the beauty of the rest of your body!

So it does not matter if you have high calves or even no calves at all. It does not matter at all because this system attacks all of them and will have your calves growing in a hurry (like weeds on super potent fertilizers)...with breathtaking speed!

ONE MORE THING. …But you have to hurry and order the massive calf program now before the price goes up. The manual as I told you is a complete calf developing system, you get strength, jaw dropping size, super fast speed, agility and power –all in this program!

But it gets even better, because the massive calves program comes with a total body workout system , this will show you how to add inches of rock hard muscle onto the rest of your body whiles you build mammoth sized calves! It uses advanced techniques to build huge levels of muscle mass even as you bring your calves up to par with the rest of your body…so; it is like you are getting two programs combined into one! You will come out of the program huge and ripped to shreds! The massive calves total body workout system is unlike anything you have ever tried! It will literally define the way you body build forever and give you mammoth sized muscular gains that is bound to make girls flip over you

…the complete bodybuilding program by itself sells for $69.99 and that is without this calf building information…the whole package is worth at least $120 and even at that price it is steal…I have bodybuilders offering me $300 just for one of these calf building secrets…it is that powerful…. so I will be increasing the price of the massive calves program in the couple of weeks…this is your chance to get this powerful system for just $69.99 , plus shipping and handling. In two weeks I will bump the price to $120 ..So act now! Remember you can always return it for all your money back...if you feel it is not for you!

Here is how to get an advanced copy of the massive calves program:

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here is what folks are saying about the massive calves program!

Make More Gains In 10 Weeks Than In One Year Using A Conventional Calf Building Program

I have no doubt in my mind that if you use this program exactly as specified, your calves will grow beyond your wildest expectations! I know this from experience…before I even considered your program, I had been training calves for over 7 years with nothing to show…(I gained 1.2 inches in 7 years) then I begun using your massive calves program and in as little as week I could feel my calves getting bigger…it has that hard pumped up feeling all the time…at the end of 10 weeks my calves are up 1.4 inches …that is bloody impressive and that is why I say thank you…for you boosted my confidence level, allowed me to display my calves for everyone to see…

Joe Norton Via email

Using secrets number two alone I could not believe what a difference it made in my size gains, my calf strength has jumped up by a mouth opening 135% and my calves have grown a full inch in 7 weeks! I always believed that I had lousy calves but now I see there is hope with your massive calf system… 

Your calf training secrets blow my mind, as a professional dancer I was not even aware that they existed, but now I know I use them and my calves have already gained an impressive ½ inch in just 6 weeks” Jamie Tols, professional dancer California

I was very skeptical when I read your ad, being a veteran of 17 years experience I thought I knew it all...but your 5 secrets really got me …and caught me off guard, I tried it out and I write to say…this is unbelievable …even after 17 years of training I have so far gained ¾ of an inch in 4 weeks! I cant wait to see what the other 8 weeks hold…. but if it is anything like what I have already experienced you have me blown away…

I recommend this massive calves growth system to anyone who has trouble with their calves …or to people who want the biggest, ripped calves …this system will shock you and get your calves growing like crazy! …I only wish I had this information 17 years ago

I never could believe that anything so powerful, could be this easy or this powerful but I write to tell you that this calf building program rocks …in just 40 days I have added a solid inch of ripped to shreds muscle mass on my calves. It has also doubled my strength on all calf exercises! M Jocksan, Ontario Canada

Absolutely stunning…. the gains in mass on my calves have shocked me to say the least…. after years of struggle your calf training system has injected life into my plateaued calves…I feel them hard all the time (it is like they are perpetually pumped)…I am flexible…and there is no soreness, but the great part is that my calves are 1.47 inches bigger than they were 8 weeks ago…with this system it is like I have some wicked advantage over all my gym buddies….

I have used seated calf raises, and standing calf raise, performed higher reps, low reps, Heavy weights, low weights, negatives, partials, burns, supersets and all I had to show for it was a 15 inch calf muscle…using your 5 calf building secret I use just two exercises and yet I have gained 2.3 inches on my calves in 11 weeks…I never dreamed this would happen.but I write to say it has …I am now the proud owner of 17.5 inch calves (and growing)



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